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It is part of the Wikipedia Zero scheme that has operated in 59 countries around the world since 2012. The Wikimedia Foundation says it wants to "bring the sum of human knowledge" to as many people as possible. However some argue that projects such as this go against the principles of net neutrality. "Net neutrality is the principle that all data are treated equally in the network," said Joe McNamee, executive director of the European Digital Rights group. "Treating data the same in the network but then making some data more economically advantageous outside the network would be considered by many to be a breach of this principle." The free programme begins on 28 February and กระเป๋าเป้ zara was revealed at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. 'Important for Iraqis' The Wikimedia Foundation states on its website that it does not pay mobile phone providers who sign up to the programme and they do not get any editorial control over the platform. Sarmad Saeed Yassen and his wife Ravan Jaafar Altaie are volunteer Wikipedia editors based in Iraq, editing in Arabic and Kurdish. Mr Yassen is a telecoms engineer in Erbil, Iraq. "Mobile internet is available everywhere but the price can be expensive," he told the BBC. "Having Wikipedia free is going to be very important to people and also to companies."

Get the FastCoNews daily newsletter and never miss out on the most important, compelling and thought-provoking news in the worlds of business, tech, and innovation. Send The thing about police body cams? They only work if you turn them on Taser's body camera division has created a new sensor for police gun holsters that can detect when a gun is drawn and automatically activate all nearby cameras. The sensor, Signal Sidearm, is part of a suite of products aimed at reducing the possibility that officers will fail toor forget toswitch on their cameras during encounters with the public. It happens more than it should: Last year in Chicago, for instance, an officer apparently forgot to turn on his camera before shooting and killing an unarmed 18-year-old named Paul O'Neal. Read my story about Taser's new efforts to address this problem here . AP 02.28.17 | 3:59 pm Heres an interesting thing you can get for $60 million For starters, you can buy a full-floor condo on Central Park South, which would be nice. Or if you're in the book publishing business, you can get your hands on the global rights to the forthcoming memoirs by Barack and Michelle Obama . According to the Financial Times , an Obama book deal has sparked a bidding war among major publishers, and the going bid is $60 milliona record for presidential memoirs.Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, and Simon & Schuster are said to be among the publishers that have expressed interest, FT reports. Read the full story here . Its official: YouTube is entering the cable cord-cutter business Here at YouTube's sprawling Los Angeles facility, the company is holding an event to announce YouTube TVits streaming service that will offer conventional TV channels streamed across the net to phones, tablets, PCs, and TVs. The company is only saying it will be available in "the coming months." But it's disclosing most of the other vital facts about what the service will offer, and on paper, at least, they sound like a serious rival to existing services such as Sling TV, DirecTV Now, and PlayStation Vue: 40 networks in all: the major broadcast networks, plus channels such as ESPN, Fox Sports, USA FX, E!, Bravo, Disney, MSNBC, Sprout, local channels, and (for an additional fee) Showtimebut not those owned by cable behemoths Time Warner กระเป๋าแบรนด์ chloe and Viacom YouTube's own original content, such as the shows and films that are part of its YouTube Red service Unlimited ability to record shows for later watching via a cloud-based DVR Google-like search for specific shows or themes such as "time travel" A cost of $35 a month for six accounts An Amazon Web Services outage is causing major internet havoc So, there are a lot of problems on the internet right nowespecially on the East Coast. The issue appears to be related to an outage at Amazon Web Services, the company's sizable cloud-computing business, which hosts vast swaths of cyberspace. Amazon said on its status page that it's working on the problem.

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