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A Gigapixel image is made of over one billion pixels and can bring out details invisible to the naked eye. Using laser and sonar to aid focusing, the Art Camera takes hundreds of close-up images that are then stitched together to create an intensely detailed whole,” states Rein. This is how pieces like Devereux Bodice, the 18th-century Dragon Robe worn by a Qing Dynasty emperor, and a 1937 Elsa Schiaparelli evening coat can be studied in all its intense detail. “The institute has also pioneered indoor Museum Views, using a custom-built 360° camera rig atop a moveable trolley, which enables virtual panoramic imaging.” At a time when VR technology is making headway, at ‘We Wear Culture’, stories of some of the pieces are being brought to life using 360-degree virtual reality films. “You can step inside the places where fashion history lives, using a Google Cardboard viewer. You can find out how Chanel’s Black Dress made it acceptable for women to wear black on any occasion and discover the Comme des Garçons Kimono-inspired sweater and skirt with which Rei Kawakubo brought the aesthetics and craftsmanship of Japanese design onto the global fashion stage,” says Rein. Little Black Dress | Photo Credit: Special arrangement The highlight is a 1990 Vivienne Westwood corset from V&A that has been reimagined in virtual reality. “They take you to an iconic place you can’t otherwise visit, and the controversial and storied history of the corset comes to life around you as told by a curator. Then I would dive into the chapter called ‘The Making Of’—the stories and craftsmanship behind the clothes,” he says. For a project on fashion, the inclusion of Indian textiles is inevitable.

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